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are in it. we better be in it to win it. if there is doubt we get out. win it means gadhafi goes and america gets to get out of there. and let the people of why create their own government. choose their own leader. and america, no nation building, we get out, we take care of our affairs elsewhere. >> greta: one he steps down. two he goes into exile and leaves libya and three he is captured and stands trial and four he's killed. which should be the goal? >> i think gadhafi is going to end up dead through this mission. whether it is at the hands of the rebels who have turned on him. or whether it is at the hands of america and her allies as we are engaged in in no-fly zone. which again, seems to be turning into much more. i think at the end of the day gadhafi is not gonna go willingly. >> greta: is it a failure on our part if we turnover command and control to someone else to nato or france or whatever. and gadhafi is still in power s that a failure on our part? >> america will have failed. -- if we turnover command and control of this mission and the mission of ousting gadhafi is not fulfille
on libya and the latin america tour. those reports after these messages. >> bill: impact segment tonight, cnn anchor nancy grace apparently very concerned about fallout from the japanese nuclear reactors hitting the u.s.a. >> bernie, explain how this is going to effect us. >> well, in the united states divlong is going to be a big impact at all. >> bernie. >> here we go, nancy, huh? >> yeah. here we go. that's what you said. >> it not head to the united states. >> that's what you said last anytime. >> i'm going to continue to say it, nancy. this is not damaging radiation in the united states. >> bill: all right, clearly miss grace not buying that and the state emergency in l.a. was for the waves that hit crescent city and other coastal sounds not for the radiation. is laura ingraham about radiation as well? she joins us now from washington. now, the reason i'm doing this segment at all libyan situation in a moment. proud of the way covered the japanese nuke thing. did not thip and go into the land of speculation. cnn did, quite frankly, it paid off for cnn. they have now passed msnbc and
jonathan shapiro on behalf of the united states of america -- and the defense lawyer had to say joe smith for this shmuck -- you get a sense that the system has bought into it. if you convict an innocent man, you have committed a far worse crime than any other crime because you have let the guilty party off scot-free. that is incorrect incredibly -- an incredibly important message. if anybody is waving the flag, it ought to be the public defender's office. their reluctance to do so, somehow, the sense that if they do so in will make them seem pro-government or some kind, i have never been able to fully grasp. >> let me ask a question. should we remake the image of the public defender in to the public crusader? is that what we want to do, do we need to, should we? >> i certainly think so. i bought into the public crusader thing when i was a child. ironically, here i am, not serving as a criminal defense attorney or public defender. i wanted to be a criminal defense attorney from the age of eight years old. i saw perry mason when i was a child. my father used to take me to the court house t
an awful lot of money. isn't that a war? >> america, at "not war". >> we will continue to provide details to the american people. >> you don't even seem to think enough of us to lie to us. >> the administration is defending its biggest victory on its first anniversary. >> fdr went so far as to call it a fundamental right for all americans. >> in short, we'll do whatever we can to ensure that obamacare is never fully implemented. >> one year ago today. >> health insurance reform because law in america. >> took a long time. >> congressman anthony weiner joins us. while some republicans were attacking the president on libya and the healthcare bill, two from minnesota went to iowa. ♪ if i find my way to minnesota ♪ >> and donald trump, is he serious about running. >> trump came out as a birther, which is republican for "i'm running for president." >>> good evening. president obama skipped a visit to address growing concerns over the libyan war efforts. he plans to transfer command and control in the next few days, suffered a setback when nato failed to reach agreement to assume that role.
at the pump. >>> looks like america's favorite past time is united the youth of baltimore. it's bringing the public and private school students to the baseball field. we'll tell you about the president's cup. >>> a teacher's aid is accused of playing match maker on facebook. you have to hear it to believe it. >>> we have some good anies about the price ofsome tables -- we have good news about the price of vegetables. farmers are getting the produce to grow sooner and less will be coming out of the cup tremendous. - - country. crops will hit the stores in the next few weeks. >>> soon, you'll be able to use single serve cups of starbucks at home. they want the expand their business. they'll make single serve cups for your single serve coffee makers. they should be in stores by 2012. >>> they play video games and they're on the computer and they're texting. now, a new social networking site is trying to get kids reading again. it's a social site for teens. it's an interactive book club. one of the first authors to chat will be rachele renee russell, the author of "dorr diaries." go to abc2n
versus evil. you will see it in the middle east. you'll also see it here in america. we'll stop in both places today. sometimes evil disguises itself pretty well until you get close to it and you're like oh, that's evil. then there is the evil that can make itself appear attractive. usually when it makes itself attractive, it's something that is easy to do. sometimes evil is hard to spot. sometimes it's easier. for example, mass union strikes in england. they are happening this weekend. they say about 100,000 people will be marching to protest government spending cuts and it will raise taxes. it will be something like the last protest, i'm guessing where they assaulted prince charles andca mill will l.a. where they -- camilla and shouting "off with their head" and trying to break in their car. clearly evil. let me show you the flier this weekend going on. here is the flier. see it. occupy london, stop the cut. see the horse? the horse represents power trampling over government. the people's power. what is their plan? the plan is to take over, strike, occupy, and release all hell. you kn
to israel? is america on the wrong side? i think we are. two things to watch for. one, israel is about to strike back. israel can only take so much. nobody in the press is covering what is happening to israel. when israel strikes back, which they are being forced to do now, watch out. because the gates of hell are going to open up. and we will do nothing. and it's worse than that. as you will see tonight. the second thing i think you need to watch for a call to come from washington to pull out our troops in the middle east. which may be our best option, which would send the world in to chaos. but the other option will be soon to send more troops because of the humanitarian crisis. either way you slice it, our troops and our nation is at peril. tonight, i believe i can put some of this together in your head and some of these things will make sense. you won't like the answer. but they will make sense. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. nothing in the world make sense. tonight we're going to shed some light on some of the issues and decisions that are leaving people confused. we have some
at toyota, all across america. >> auto companies make huge profits. >> last year, chevron made a lot of money. >> where does it go? >> every penny and more went into bringing energy to the world. >> the economy is tough right now, everywhere. >> we pumped $21 million into local economies, into small businesses, communities, equipment, materials. >> that money could make a big difference to a lot of people. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy productive life. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: the international campaign of air strikes extended deep into libya today. french warplanes claimed a kill in the no-fly zone. they also raided far south of tripoli to disrupt the flow of mercenaries to the government side. elsewhere, rebels reported gains in the embattled port of misrata killing 30 government sn
. >> we can repeal obamacare. >> the president talks about libya and his trip to south america. >> the president's doctrine, he is not an ideological guy. >> he's been juggling diplomater efforts on this trip. >> we are supporting a democratic revolution there. >> they've got a political problem. >> today it looks like a war, sound like a war, people are dying, and it's costing an awful lot of money. isn't that a war? >> america, at "not war". >> we will continue to provide details to the american people. >> you don't even seem to think enough of us to lie to us. >> the administration is defending its biggest victory on its first anniversary. >> fdr went so far as to call it a fundamental right for all americans. >> in short, we'll do whatever we can to ensure that obamacare is never fully implemented. >> one year ago today. >> health insurance reform because law in america. >> took a long time. >> congressman anthony weiner joins us. while some republicans were attacking the president on libya and the healthcare bill, two from minnesota went to iowa. ♪ if i find my way to mi
the world, people are demonstrating for our cause. in asia, africa, in america, and in europe, the people are on our side. those who were against us form a minority. it is hard to tell of these are just slogans, or if the libyan dictator has found renewed strength. international coalition claims successes and wants to destroy military installations in tripoli and rebels celebrating in been gauzy, little is known about who is now in control of which areas. the rebel national council has sometimes drop out of sight. experts like the italian libya observer are speculating who will eventually take over power from gaddafi. some names are being mentioned. even lesser-known ones. at first, we expected further defections by government officials and libyan ambassadors, but the wave of defections suddenly stopped. what could this mean? and many seem to be biding their time. rebels meanwhile seem to be fully in control. on tuesday, gaddafi's forces were attacking. dozens of people are reported killed, and here, too, alice are launching air strikes on troops loyal to a tripoli. one future scenario is
. in life there is a right and a wrong. it would have been wrong for america to watch the slaughter of those people in libya and do nothing. or am i wrong? that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. we have new polling on libya for you. this is from gallup. do you approve of the current military action against libya? 47% approve. 37% disapprove. 16% no opinion. among political parties, 51% of democrats approve, 57% of republicans, but just 3% of independence support the libyan action. and on our bill o' poll, which is not scientific, this is the closest one we have ever had. more than 50,000 of you have voted. right now it stands 51% opposing the u.s.a. leading a no-fly zone in libya and 49% opposing it. author of revolt dick morris. what do these polls tell you? what are they saying. >> they tell mio bama is going to face a i do began particular problem within the democratic party if he pursues the libyan intervention. i don't see how he gets out of it now. for a president to go into a war with 51% of his own party supporting him, is really tough. you know, if he submits a wa
% of the jobs lost in america in the last ten years were lost in michigan. how did that happen? politicians gave us the worst business tax in the country. and regulations that made creating jobs almost impossible. i've created thousands of jobs. we'll dump that tax. thin the regulations. and jobs will come back. >> rick is our one chance for jobs. >> one chance for jobs? how many jobs have they created? we'll get to that story in future shows. michigan has been killed by republican policy that led to thousands of jobs being shipped overseas. ever heard of manufacturing in china? when snyder was on the board at gateway, they shut down plants in america and shipped those jobs to china. snyder's plan for labor? well, you know what it's going to do? it's going to bring chinese wages back home to the great state of michigan. almost 60% of voters in michigan are against snyder's plan to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights. if 300,000 people sign a petition in the state of michigan, snyder could be recalled as early as june. i tell you, it's in the air, isn't it? all of these governors
clinton is among those reaffirming america's stance saying that israel has the right to defend itself. >> the united states is committed to israel's security and we strongly condemn the violence and extend the deepest sympathy to those affected. >>> a tense rescue effort in texas after a tanker truck was left hanging over an or pass. -- overpass. it collided with a car. one from the tractor trailer was rescued and two were in the crushed car. they're being treated at an area hospital now. >>> and a violent out burst at a nevada courtroom. a judge ordered a woman back to jail pending a mental evaluation. >> let me go! let me go! let me go! >> the court officers didn't let her go and they removed her from the room. a previous evaluation found she suffers from bipolar charges. >>> still ahead on wjz-13's eyewitness news at noon, a cloudy and rainy day, but are we in for a warm up this weekend? we'll first look at today's midday stocks followed by the powerball numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep
, barbara will share more of her memories on "good morning america." one of taylor's seven ex-husbands, former senator john warner, will remember her as a woman whose heart and soul were as beautiful as her classic face. >>> also, debbie reynolds also had kind words for taylor. the two patched up their friendship, after taylor stole eddie fisher from reynolds. >> of course, we had a bumpy ride there for a little while when she sought company of my husband permanently, which was an unusual occurrence. and we were past through that. through the years, we remained friends. i spoke with elizabeth about two to three weeks ago. she said it was really tough. and she was not happy with the way things were going. but that she was doing the best she could. and she said, old age is not for sissies, which we all know is true. >> pretty amazing, those two able to maintain that friendship after all that. we will hear from debbie reynolds on "good morning america," as well. >> plus, the husbands, the jewels and the legacy of this legendary icon, elizabeth taylor. >>> well, singer, chris brow
down a recent immigrant from tree lanka -- from tree lanksri lanka. >> seeking to america looking for . >> an hour after monday's shooting, his car was pulled over -- >> he just came to america looking for a new life. >> an hour after monday's shooting, his car was pulled over. >> when i heard his name on the news i was just in shock. i could not believe it. but i am happy that is caught now appeared >> john, " -- john mccarthy also confirmed that the suspect is on conditional release after having been found not criminally responsible for a 2008 crime due to his mental status. >> those conditions include a requirement that the defendant take psychotropic medication. >> some fear that someone may not have been watching him closely enough. >> he was supposed to be monitored. the result is just hideous. it is beyond hideous. >> the spokesperson for the agency that was monitoring the suspect, the maryland department of mental health and hygiene say that this case will go into review. >> thank you. >>> camara, an autopsy is scheduled for a body found inside a woodbridge -- tomorrow, a
>>> making news in america this morning. >> nature's wrath. a coast-to-coast rampage. everything from tornadoes to heavy snow. and it's not over yet. >>> was an airport controller asleep on the job? big changes after airliners were forced to land with no one in the tower. >>> and then this -- >> maybe georgie boy didn't have the stuff. maybe he didn't have it in him. >> memories of screen icon elizabeth taylor. >>> good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us today. the first week of spring has come in with a bang, hitting some big chunks of the country, with everything from tornados to even heavy snow. >> in fact, one twister touched down in northern california last night. it damaged a half-dozen homes along a path that stretched at least a mile long. as the state braces for more nasty weather, cleanup continues in the east, after severe storms rip through pennsylvania. we get the latest from brad wheelis. >> reporter: neighborhoods in suburban pittsburgh were blown apart by a powerful tornado. at least 40 homes and a school in hempfield were damaged, moments after last nigh
in time and scope. our mission has been to use america's unique capabilities to create the conditions for the no-fly zone and to assist in meeting urgent humanitarian needs. and as expected, we're already seeing a significant reduction in the number of u.s. planes involved in operations, as the number of planes from other countries increasen numbers. today, we are taking the next step. we have agreed along with our nato allies to transition command and control for the no-fly zone over libya to nato. all have authorized military authorities to develop an operions plan for nato to take onhe bad cvian protection mission under resolution 1973. nato is well suited to coordinating this international effort, and ensuring that all participating nations are working effectively together toward our shared goals. this coalition includes countries beyond nato, including arab partner, and we expect all of them to be providing important political guidance going forward. we have always said that arab leadership and participation is crucial. the arab league showed that leadership with its pivotal stat
as it pertains to the execution of war in america. secretary of state hillary clinton will address the issue in two hours almost to the minute at 6:15 eastern time. it's almost 4:15 here in the east right now. potentially talking about nato attempting to take command of this mission. well, we know both germany and turkey nato members have expressed no interest in such a mission. a new reuters poll reports only 17% of americans see him as a strong, decisive speech, with questions being raised in washington and across the country, isn't it time for the president to address our nation? ideally in prime time? and let us know exactly what he's thinking and what we are doing? here to mix it up, "washington post" columnist, jonathan, what do you think? >> i think the president should address the nation and talk about why the united states is involved in libya. but i also think he should talk more broadly about his view of what's happening in the middle east. i mean, we had egypt before that, tunisia before that, and right now, yemen, bahrain, and a whole host of -- syria, a whole host of nations in
the white people in america all shook up. they cannot stand it because he was a black man. george bush -- host: you think this is about race? caller: part of it is, peter. i can understand why white people cannot see the racist element of it. if he was a black bush, you could see it. host: omaha, nebraska, on the republican line. just then, how you think the president has handled the libyan conflict so far -- justin? caller: i do not approve of the present -- he has shown that he is loyal to one group of people, the bankers. we have no business in libya. if this was such an issue, why did we allow this for 40 years or some of their other nations closer. at least it is a coalition. i am not interested in anything the united nations says -- host: what did you think of the iraq war during the bush administration? caller: i am a veteran of the iraq war. i was there in 2004 when it was still pretty fuzzy -- when there was no government and nothing going on. i was a bit younger than. that was almost 10 years ago. and it took me about two weeks of being there to figure out that this was a sca
aprtido crucial para la copa america, en la etapa de gruops, visitando el america clava el gol. más tarde el error de navarrete, en el segundo tiempo nuevo gol. el portugues da el tres por dos, ganan los cariocas >>> la selección mexicana entrena para el amistoso con paraguay. >>> el parti les preocupa que yo este bien para la recta final del equipo. >>> no sabemos la desicion es del chepo, pero si puedo participar feliz. >>> el fútbol mexicano, la crisis en atlas por que los juf¡gadores dicen que les debe n 3 meses de sueldo. entrenaron con las camisetas al reves, en señal de protesta, y les informamos que vamos a continuar trabajndo >>> díficil la situacion por problemas economicos podría venderse >>> gracias, este sábado estaran todos los ojos en ockland y podra verlo por univisió o por la señal de televisión >>> hoy un camino bloqueado en santa cruz >>> veamos el tiempo con guillermo >>> tornados al norte de sacramento, fuertes vientos, continuan hacia el sur y san diego nieve y lluvia, para nosotros es la segunda tormenta y la tercera para nosotros. los promedios son
>>> good morning, america. >> there's a tornado, right there. get in the school. >> running for cover. a tornado chases down high school children. their moment of terror, caught on tape. >>> air traffic snooze. an air controller admits dozing off. this morning, drastic action at airports across this country. >>> chris brown breaks his silence, expressing regret over his backstage blowup here at "gma." >> i want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office. anybody who was offended. >> but he didn't stop there. we'll have all the reaction and more details on what really happened. >>> and guilty as charged. this dog knew she was headed to the dog house. >> let's see your face. oh, my goodness. denver, you didn't. >> this morning, denver the dog is here. it's a "gma" exclusive. her first interview right here. >>> oh, denver. don't feel that bad. we've all had our tail between our legs at one point, right? >> at least she's coming out of the penalty to be with us. good morning, america. we have david muir with us, as george continues to take time off. you know what we'
protest movement america was supporting. in libya now, there's some of that same awkwardness. justin elliott had a piece at that was helpful and interesting, noting that the george w. bush administration's embrace of gadhafi and their military brought about something a year ago that brought senior libyan officers to the headquarters of the u.s. pentagon command center leading the fight against that exact same libyan military. think about that a second. pentagon division now fighting them in a war. and it is looking more and more like a war. the u.n. security council vote that authorized what's happening, that vote was to protect civilians by enforcing a no-fly zone over the country, right? but it authorized member states taking, quote, all necessary measures to protect civilians there. we are now into that all necessary measures part. reports from libya saying there is no one other than the coalition flying over libya. only coalition aircraft are in the skies. but what they are doing is attacking gadhafi's military on the ground, attacking tanks and missile launchers, attac
22nd and 23rd fatalities this year. a massive jump from last. who's killing cops in america? >>> war counsel? >> we better be in it to win it. >> sarah palin, john boehner, donald rumsfeld joins the line of critics against the president's acts in libya. could some of them actually have a point? >>> before we go any further, we should note, mrs. palin's definition of winning would mean colonel gadhafi goes and the peep of libya choose their own d destiny. on the ground and in the air, rebels fighting gadhafi's forces displays their own ideas of a manifest destiny using coalition forces, air strikes to continue attacking forces. the fighting's been intense. focus, city of ms. rat ta, where coalition bombs and missiles destroys tanks and artillery. in washington, the complaints against the president's strategy grows, as more politicians and pundits called on president obama to clearly define the u.s. mission in libya. a mission the white house insists should not be called a war. so, so far, the president has kept hisle. if it drops like a bomb, u.s. forces over libyaa are most
'll see you back here tomorrow, sat time, same channel. upstairs to "america's newsroom." there is a fox news alert on word just in. the president will meet with his national security team today to review his efforts in libya. we are getting word of new air strikes. look at the damage they have done in tripoli. allied countries trying to defend innocent civilians and enforce the no-fly zone. this was the scene in benghazi, the second largest city in libya. that's rebel-controlled territory. many waving the flag in the pre-qaddafi era. where is that operation today? one of the many questions for us. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to heather. >> qaddafi supporters remain defiant. the foreign minister denying there are any military operations in misrata. bill: that's where they say snipers are shooting civilians. here is the qaddafi version. >> the situation in misrata is confined to a number of pockets of violence and snipers scattered in different areas of misrata. life is back to normal in misrata because of the snipers and air strikes from the coalition forces. bill: he says the town life is
people the congress and our troops what the mission in libya is and what america's role is in achieving that mission. political bloggers accusing newt gingrich of flip-flopping after saying the u.s. should establish a no-fly zone over libya. >> what would do you? >> exercise a no-fly zone this evening. communicate that gadhafi was gone and the sooner they switch side the more likely they would be to survive. this is a moment to get rid of him. do it. get it over with. the united states doesn't need anybody's permission. >> that was on march 7th. yesterday the former house speaker appeared to think otherwise during an interview on the "today" show. >> do you think moammar gadhafi has to go as a result of this military intervention? >> i think that now -- let me draw a distinction. i would not have intervened. i think there were a lot of other ways to effect gadhafi. i think there are a lot of allies in the region we could have worked with. i would not are used american and european forces. >> hes on his facebook stage the two statements are not a contradiction. his bottom line is he wish
on our website, go to >>> well, when we come back, is she america's last great movie star? we look at the pantheon of hollywood's legendary seductresses and what today's silver screen starlets owe to elizabeth taylor. depression is a serious medical condition. i feel like i have to wind myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about pristiq®, a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18. do not take pristiq with maois. taking pristiq with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. tell your doctor about all your medications, including those for migraine, to avoid a potentially life-thre
way we cover celebrities then. >>> that's what's making news in america >> reporter: live on 880 in san leandro where two lanes of southbound direction are closed in a storm related problem and the brunt of the storm is not even here yet. story coming up in a live report. >> here is a live look from downtown san francisco. you can see all is quiet here but we did have rain during the night. when the heavy stuff comes in, we're going to have big trouble. there is another storm after that, too. >> and we've got flooding in san leandro and chains up in the sierra once again. details coming up. >> kristen: also this morning, state regulators consider fine understanding pg&e up to a million dollars a day because of the safety record because in the wake of the san bruno disaster. >> eric: and a gun in the bonds trial. he openly admitted being injected with steroids. a lot going on. you know there is a storm too. >> kristen: that is right. there is a little ponding. >> eric: let's check in when the heavier rain is going to get here. >> it wasn't an easy commute. it moved through the eas
, which was held down by bank of america. b. of a. was the biggest loser of the dow industrials, after acknowledging the federal reserve rejected its plan to increase its stock dividend. that rejection cost b. of a. shareholders over 1.5% today. bank of america was paying out 64 cents per share per quarter before the financial crisis. currently it pays shareholders one penny a quarter. director of research at k.b.w., fred cannon, thinks b. of a. may have been too aggressive in wanting to hike its dividend for the fed's tastes. he doesn't expect much of a hike at all this year. >> we think it may be a penny or two a share. if they have a dividend this year, it's going to be something relatively deminimus-- something like citigroup did, and not at all like what we saw the significant increases we saw at j.p. morgan wells fargo and u.s. bancorp. >> reporter: those three did raise their dividends with the federal reserve's blessing. citi fell two cents. j.p. morgan was up a fraction, holding on to its recent gains since announcing its dividend hike. and u.s. bancorp slipped a penny. again,
of involuntary manslaughter but the jury found him guilty of derilection of duty. >>> america's involvement in libya. a demonstration this morning. one of nearly a dozen taking place at the end of the week in major cities across the country. the organizing group answer coalition said america should not be launching another war while vital public services are getting cut at home. >>> house speaker john baynor demanding president obama outline america's goals in libya. a senior u.s. defense official said u.s. war planes are responsible for more than 90% of coalition bombing runs overnight. secretary of state hillary clinton says the quickest way for the libyan leader moammar gadhafi to end this is to step down. >>> california voters seem to prefer senator diane finestein over barbara boxer. exclusive new field poll finds 48% approve of senator finestein's job performance compared with 42% for senator boxer. 40% also disapprove of senator boxer's work in washington. >>> california's cup runeth over. >>> after years of drought the reservoirs are full. perhaps too full. i'm consumer editor with
who arrived, they shut down bank of america yesterday in washington, d.c., because the bank of america does not pay taxes. you will pay more taxes than bank of america. look that up, >> i am sorry, i missed my cue. i have three boys. does that help you decide where i was? thank you for inviting me today. it is an honor to be on this stage and that celebrate the 100th anniversary of the right to vote. as i began to write my speech for this event, i really started to struggle with the subject. the first draft, the participants, and the details leading up to gaining the right to vote. the question that kept popping up in my head was this, 100 years later, is there enough to celebrate? have we made significant strides in our fight for equality? i kept ignoring the question pushing around my head. the thought kept buzzing in my head like a baby at a picnic. when i finally paid attention on whether we have made significant strides, the answer was an unequivocal no. it was only when i answered the question it and sat down, it was only when i answered that question that the word
. our plan is based upon one thing facing america. recently, a couple of years ago we celebrated brown versus the board of education. today our schools are more segregated. i think this is the greatest civil rights. the achievement gap. you can't have systems that are separate but equal. you can't have systems that allow african american students and latino students out performed by special education students. our plan is called "beyond the talk". what are we going to do specifically to make sure the schools that the woman mentioned and malcomx are as good as any other school. any school in san francisco has to be good enough that we would want to go there. if it's not, it's unacceptable. >> that's a great way to segway to solutions. >> we are here for solutions. it's true. we do have to talk. we have to do it in a way that's respectful and a way to bring people together rather than push people apart. if we expect our young people to exercise social emotional learning. we have to do it as adults. i want everyone to think about a solution that you may have to offer and if you have it on
, and what we see in north america. with a trend being your friend and wall street loves of the evaluation of north america. >>catherine: japan is not really having a big impact. >> what is going to happen is that perhaps eight weeks ? there will be disruptions with toyota's, and if you want to order an ipad? water it now! the delay could be eight weeks. order into now--order it now. and i mentioned that i would order it now. and >>catherine: and we're feeling that we will be back with more news after the break. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. (music) >> when there are storiemy when there are stormy photographs? we appreciate the photos that and submitted by a were the words. cavan
disaster ever. >>> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. in pennsylvania, a severe storm system delivered a one-two punch of wild weather in several locations. look at that golf ball sized hail hummeled various areas while a tornado touched down in the western part of the state, tearing the roofs off several homes and businesses. officials say no serious injuries have been reported. >>> in california, the best place to be was inside. spring showers packed quite a punch up north. hail mixed with heavy rainfall making the ground look as if it was blanketed with snow. sacramento residents fared better than those in neighboring areas where a tornado was spotted. >>> to minnesota, wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour produced great surfing conditions on lake superior. can you imagine? with temperatures in the 20s, two surfers were spotted taking full advantage of the first and maybe only day of the midwest surfing season. the waves reached 6 to 8 feet. look at him. looks like the experience was kind ooh a perfect ten there, wasn't it? what's the deal with this wl
of history has a new home in our area. >>> [music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. >>> breaking news from the district to night work crews are trying to free a worker almost completely buried in a trench collapsed. >> the incident happened a short time ago on the -- on average street. >> just before 5:00 on the 1200 block, a contractor was working on a trench in front of a new house here. he moved some of the walls of the trench and it collapsed sweeping him off his feet, on to his belly. and what witnesses came over, all they could see with his boots and the tips of his pants. this bird is so heavy, it's almost like clay. -- this burt is so heavy, was likely. one person said it was the equivalent to be struck by a car going 50 miles an hour. witnesses heard someone calling for help and they could still see the dirt filling up the hole onto this adult individual. they called 9
. >> reporter: bob richards, who worked 22 years as a controller in chicago, america's second busiest airport, told us two controllers should be the bare minimum anywhere. >> common sense, basically. you need two controllers to do two things. one would be working on an emergency flight that is having a problem and the other person would be there to coordinate the emergency equipment. >> reporter: fatigue and staffing have long played air traffic controllers. the ntsb put addressing fatigue on its most wanted safely list. but the ntsb said this is not just a nice thing, it's a necessary thing and a priority. it's something that needs to be changed. >> well, anyone who doesn't think their fit to work should tell us they're not fit to work. >> reporter: the faa is reviewing staffing at those 29 airports and we're learning just now more of them, san diego, sacramento, tucson, but they won't say how quickly and how many will be changed, david. >> so, jim, the faa acknowledging to you that there should be two controllers everywhere, but no promise to change it tonight? >> reporter: well, the faa ac
sharing, of spreading the international support, of making sure that america isn't blame or perceived as america against libya without any of the burdens. if you're going to take that position and say you want to be just a supporter, then you have to deal with the fact that in the international community, without american leadership, it is very complex. one of the reasons why the united states ends up taking the lead, say, in kosovo or in bosnia or in iraq or in afghanistan is because absent american leadership, these organizations often don't function. you know, one of the acronyms for nato is "needs america to act" or "to operate," n-a-t-o. but right now they can't quite get it through nato because the united states isn't committing to its normal role as running the operation and bearing roughly half the costs and risks. >> let me ask you, the other day in el salvador, we had a news conference with the president, i asked him what the exit strategy was for the u.s. from this military action in libya. and essentially what he said is, the exit strategy is coming within days. it's not g
to court demanding that the nuclear regulatory commission provide a permanent place to store america's waste. there are 104 operating reactors, they're scattered across 65 plants in 31 different states. if you take a look at this map, this gives you a better idea of exactly where this 63 thousand tons of spent fuel, the darker the color of the state, the more radioactive waste that state has, according to the nrc. again, we're talking about 63,000 tons of spent fuel. if you take a look, with the telestrator working, illinois is the state with most, 776 tons. coming in second place is pennsylvania. as we know, pennsylvania, the site of three mile island, the nuclear site that had zadisaste back in the late '80s. and 3,700 tons of spent fuel. pretty much a tie with north carolina and south carolina here. let me show you a map quickly that illustrates what we're talking about when we say spent fuel. these are the spent fuel pools. they're steel-lined concrete pools filled with water like this one. similar to the ones we talked about at japan's fukushima plant that overheated which allow
rages on the ground. yet president obama still hasn't answered the most basic question about america's military operations, what is our mission? because there are at least two totally different statements coming out of the white house. let's first listen to the president. >> colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. >> i also have stated that it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. moammar gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave. >> but then moments ago on this network the deputy national security adviser contradicted the president saying america's policy in libya is not one of regime change. take a listen. >> as it relates to the specific question, wolf, we're not setting out with a policy of regime change here. we set out a very defined goal here which is we would shape the environment and enable our international partners to take over the no-fly zone, we're on the verge of doing that. >> which is it and how can you run a military operation if you don't know with clarity what your objective is? we'll ask john negroponte in a moment. first live to ar
america's unique capabilities to create the conditions for the no-fly zone and to assist in what meetings -- meeting in urgent humanitarian needs. we're seeing a significant reduction in the number of u.s. planes involved in operations as a number of planes rather countries increase in numbers. we're taking the next up. we have agreed along with our nato allies to transition and control for the no- fly zone to nato. all 28 allies have authorized military authority to develop and operations plan for nato to take on the broader civilian protection mission under resolution 1973. nato is well-suited to coordinating this international effort and ensuring that all participating nations are working effectively together toward our shared goals. this coalition includes countries beyond nato, including air partners, and we expect all of them to be providing important political guidance going forward. we have always said parrott leadership and participation is crucial. the arab league show that leadership with its pivotal statement on libya. they joined the discussions in paris last weekend on the i
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